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Adolescent and Young Adult Drug Treatment: 100% SUCCESS

"What’s your success rate?” is the first question many parents ask when deciding on a treatment program for their child. The correct answer is 100% or 0%. It depends on the individual.

The good news is REHAB WORKS!

Becoming an educated consumer is by learning how treatment works allows parents to take control and create the best chance for landing in the 100% category. Rehab Works! spells out everything parents need to understand substance use disorders, how they are treated, and most important, what they can do to give their child the best for success.





Helping parents navigate the road to successful recovery for a child with a drug or alcohol problem.

"An outstanding analysis of 'what works' and what 'doesn't work' in addiction treatment. Full of practical advice that will lead to treatment success."

— David Sack, MD

President and CEO, Elements Behavioral Health

•    The Treatment Process

•    Stages Of Change

•    Continuum Of Care

•    Relapse Prevention

•    Triggers

•    12 Step Recovery

•    Young People And AA/NA

•    Al-Anon

•    Family Recovery

•    Treatment Success

Here's what people are saying about Rehab Works!

"If your teen or young adult child is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, this information is a must!"

— Cherye Callegan, MD

Medical Director, Sundown Ranch

“Informative and reassuring, Rehab Works! is an essential guidebook for every parent facing the challenge of treating a child for chemical dependency.”

Sonnee D. Weedn, Ph.D.

     Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

"I found this book while our daughter was in her second rehab. I wish we would have had this information during her first treatment. It could have saved a lot of heartache that resulted from a bad relapse."

— Jenny W.

Parent of an 18-year-old daughter in recovery

“Not just for parents. This book contains information every addiction professional should have.”

Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S

Senior Vice President of Clinical Development

Elements Behavioral Health

“Packed with insightful observations and explanations for anyone trying to understand addiction and navigate the waters of treatment.”

Matt Feehery

Chief Executive Officer

Memorial Hermann Prevention & Recovery Center

“This book should be required reading for every parent who has a child in treatment!”

Bill M.

Parent of a 17-year-old male in recovery

“Brilliant in its simplicity—identifying what makes treatment successful, how to avoid common pitfalls, and ultimately, how to achieve treatment success.

Curt Maddon, CIP

Certified Intervention Professional

The Rehab Works!


Helping parents get the most out of this valuable information!



A Message to Treatment Providers...

Join the growing number of treatment programs who have made Rehab Works! part of their family program curriculum.

Rehab Works! helps family members get a jump start on their support and participation in their loved one's treatment. In addition to including the book as part of the materials clients and family members receive, additional services include:

* Staff training

* Online coursework for family members

* Workshops for family members

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For more information about Rehab Works! programming and services, please call (214) 789-8456

One of the most important books available for improving substance abuse treatment outcomes:

For parents: Becoming an "educated consumer" by learning how treatment works allows parents to take control and create the best chance for treatment success.

For professionals: As a resource aimed at improving treatment outcomes, Rehab Works! is important for the treatment industry as a whole.

     •     For substance abuse professionals, it offers valuable insight for evaluating the effectiveness of how treatment is delivered.

     •     Outside of the treatment field, this book is important for professionals who work with young people in any capacity: high school principals, probation officers, pediatricians, coaches, mental health counselors, judges, and so on. Greater understanding about addiction treatment among youth professionals across the board will lead to increased support for treatment clients and parents that extends beyond the boundaries of the treatment center.

For clients: Rehab Works! provides one of the most effective outlines available of what goes into a successful recovery plan. Not just for parents—Rehab Works! is equally valuable for treatment clients as well!

The Rehab Works!


Helping parents get the most out of this valuable information!